Hondurans must reclaim for themselves the benefits of the rule of law and constitutional order >

25 February 2021

Southwest of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico’s second-largest city, the ecological park La Huasteca led us to  unexpected experiences >

16 February 2021

Monterrey, a metropolis of 5.34 million people and the country’s second-largest city, proved to have surprises for us >

11 February 2021

Dominating the landscape around Antigua, the Agua Volcano hosts divers species of tropical fauna and attracts visitors from all over the world  >

3 February 2021

This fortress from 1550 overlooks the beautiful aqua waters of the Gulf of Honduras  >

14 December 2020

In the northeast corner of Honduras lies an enchanted realm of pristine natural wonder >

13 December 2020

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